Koji popust je za vas?

Ako je vaše dete predškolac, ako vas je dvoje ili više iz porodice, ako nam pošaljete fotografiju, ako se prijavite do prvog septembra... Sigurni smo da možemo naći popust i za vas...


Proverite licno ili putem kontakt formulara da li imamo mesta u grupi za vas.

Kampovi 2020: 

Fotografije sa našeg poslednjeg letnjeg kampa u saradnji sa White Eagle Travel.

do 31.01.

Nasa sledeca ekspedicija je u fazi pripreme. Nova poseta Velikoj Britaniji 2021. 

Prijave u toku.


Jezički Studio DAISY

ul. Đure Jakšića 6/12 (TC ITG)

11300 Smederevo


Tel. 026/ 64 50 50

Mob. 063/ 8085 612; 063/ 1 6666 18


Google Play: Jezicki Studio DAISY



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Our Mission

English courses for international companies by Language Studio DAISY

Welcome to our school, where educational and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus on academics and the whole child means that every child will find a happy home here. Every adult attendant can expect to get what he or she is after - be it brushing the grammar, gaining business communication skills or just boosting the vocabulary on various topics. Even better - all of it!!!

Our School

Our beautiful environment includes state-of-the-art technology in all classrooms, age-appropriate tailored groups for children from kindergarten through the upper grades as well as adult groups divided into seven levels. Our experienced, skilled teaching staff works together as a team to guide your child through his or her academic journey. Come visit us!

Our Philosophy

Your child will have the opportunity to gain modern British English fluency through the cutting edge programmes authorized by our renowned publishing partners. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child or every adult gets the attention he or she deserves. We also believe that high quality should be ensured through reliable partners and regular monitoring. Our Studio is on the list of the schools approved by British Council Belgrade for international examinations at this renowned institution. We have been a member of the privileged Addvantage programme since 2015 and proudly accept a small part of 100% success of our attendants so far. 

Our Experience

From creative and fun ways to encourage the pre-school children to speak up their first English words all the way to mass courses for big international corporations. We have been here for you for as long as thirteen years now. Still inspired and enjoying it as on the very first day...